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Christian Consumer Credit Counseling

Christian Debt Consolidation (sometimes known as Christian Consumer Credit Counseling) offers Christian debt relief through an organization classified as a "non profit" entity. Christian Debt Consolidation agencies will assist you in developing a workable budget tailored to your household. Once certified Christian credit counselors have reviewed your finances, they may set you up with a debt management plan. In this debt management plan, it is your responsibility to deposit money each month with them. The Christian credit counseling agency will then use these funds to pay your monthly unsecured debts directly, but on your behalf. This method of debt relief is often called debt consolidation because all of your unsecured debts are handled with the one monthly payment that you remit to the Christian credit counseling agency. Non profit Christian credit counseling programs are designed to shorten the time it takes to eliminate your debt through both the reduction of your credit card interest rates and the waiving of certain fees being charged by your creditors.

In evaluating whether a debt management plan (DMP) is right for you, it is important that certified Christian credit counselors have spent enough time with you to thoroughly review your financial situation. This certified credit counselor will provide you with customized advice on managing your money, that you find both helpful and practical to apply to your daily life. This is an important part of the process, and is one of the advantages of working with a "non profit" Christian debt counseling agency. They should provide you with a workable budget and assist you in improving your money management skills. Many tools are available that they can share with you during the financial counseling process . These types of services are a primary mission of Christian based counseling.

A Christian debt management plan will typically take longer than a Christian debt settlement plan. Most debt management plans require a minimum of 48 months to complete. Be certain to ask your certified credit counselor to estimate the time you will be in the plan. You also may have to agree to not apply for any additional credit during this time, and you may need to restrict or cease use of any credit you have available to you. Student loans can actually be included in your debt management plan, and many consumers find this helpful.

You have already taken the most important step by seeking a course of action with your online Christian counseling search intended to help you get your financial life back on track. Taking action will give you peace of mind and position you to begin to build a healthy financial future.

If you would like to compare Christian financial counseling with Christian debt settlement, our affiliated debt firm will be happy to discuss the differences during your free consultation.


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